Swatch Kalinka Malinka – SZS07 – Mother’s Day 2013 – Special – 3 watches set

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Swatch Watches Set Kalinka Malinka (SZS07) – Watches with nesting dolls Inspired by the Russian folklore, this set of three Swatch watches, comes in special packaging and is packed in whimsical Russian dolls (nesting dolls). This special set for Mother´s Day consists of three new Swatch watch collection of Originals: – Swatch Lady black watch with patterns in green and yellow. – Swatch Gent black watch with patterns in orange and red. – Swatch New Gent black watch with patterns in blue and light blue. Three Swatch Originals watches in different sizes and colors, accompanied by five nesting dolls, also of different sizes and colors, pink, blue, orange, green and gray on black.

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